About Us

Started in 2013 as a consultancy service, Flosbit Technologies provides digital solutions to the global business community — delivering cutting edge industry news, information and analytics, enabling businesses to transform and connect better with the communities where they’re based. We help our customers generate superior returns and improve their ability to cope with an exponentially changing business landscape. Our goal is to create efficient, reliable infrastructures in increasingly global, electronic and multi-asset businesses, through our market-leading Zindua Forum™, Flosbit Research™ and strategic partnerships world-over.
The pace of digital change is unrelenting, and many businesses struggle to adapt. Flosbit Technologies works in close collaboration with clients. Our experienced consultants help shape a digital strategy and vision that leverages the power of disruptive technology to create value.

We seek to help our clients drive digital transformation through:

  • Assessment of current digital maturity
  • Identification of digital opportunities and threats
  • Development of a clear digital vision for the future
  • Alignment with broader corporate strategy and ‘Big Picture’ vision
  • Development of a digital roadmap
  • Creation and prioritization of action plans

For our clients, the benefits of working with us are clear. Besides revenue generation, we work closely with companies to streamline supply chain efficiencies and seize competitive advantages.

Our main goal is to help you and your business attract investment with a defined action plan to achieve the digital vision we create together.