Flosbit Technologies | Digital solutions for Africa and beyond.

We provide digital solutions for Africa and beyond.

Flosbit Technologies provides digital solutions to the global business community — delivering cutting edge industry news, information and analytics, enabling businesses to transform and connect better with the communities where they’re based. We help our customers generate superior returns and improve their ability to cope with an exponentially changing business landscape. Our goal is to create efficient, reliable infrastructures in increasingly global, electronic and multi-asset businesses, through our market-leading Zindua Forum™, Flosbit Research™ and strategic partnerships world-over.

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Choosing a reliable web hosting provider can be a daunting task. Who to trust? What features to look for? What price to pay? Worry not. We’ve got you covered.

Technology Consulting

We work with small and medium-size companies to help them apply techniques mainly leveraged by large organisations. We promote innovation and internationalization, as well as new technologies and automatisation.

Give your customers a website that loads quickly and doesn’t crash.
Host on a fast, reliable network

Hosting Products

Web Security Products

Establish trust with your users. Let them know their information is safe on your site by installing an SSL Certificate.